Fall is here.

The leaves are turning yellow, red, purple and brown.

The grass is sparklingly covered with an icy layer of frost in the mornings. It is time for some comforting food. It is time to light candles and put on some Ella Fitzgerald, pour yourself a glas of good wine and have a house smelling like a slow roasting piece of meat and lots of winter salads.

Here is one of my favorites:


You need:

1/2 head of celery root (pealed and diced)

5-6 stems of celery sticks (diced)

2 large apples (Ingrid Marie or another red, sweet apple with a tangy aftertaste) (diced)

1 cup of grapes (red or green, get the seedless kind or cut them in halves and remove the seeds)

Fresh dates (Sometimes a woman just need a fresh date, as the nun told the sailor!!)

1/2 cup walnuts


2 cups plain yogurt – 10 % (the drained Greek kind, TOTAL is the best!)

Sugar to taste ( You can also use any sweetener; Splenda, Agave syrup etc.)


To make:

Dice the celery root and sticks into bitesized pieces together with the apple. Cut the grapes into halfes. Add everything into the mixed dressing.

Put the nuts, sliced dates, grapes and some of the (smallest) celery leaves  on top. Make it look pretty.


It is sweet, crunchy and still it’s real food (not too dessert-y) and it goes very well with any kind of fowl; turkey, duck, chicken etc. (You can leave out the dates if you think they are too sweet!)


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