It has been his constant companion at nights and when feeling sad. It has  been his best friend and the one he could always count on. And today I took it away. His pascifier. The binky.

We have been talking about for a while. It is begining to affect his teeth. He is starting kindergarden soon. I thought it was time.

So with a ritual, worthy of the love he feels for them, we said goodbye today. Found all the binkies we could find in the house and the car and pulled them all on a string. Drove to the “Binky-Tree” and everyone took turns to say goodbye and thank them for the comfort they have provided ove the years.

And them I threw them up, hanging from a branch. The kid look on with huge eyes.

On the way back to the car he told a lady: “I don’t use a binkey anymore!” I saw that as a good sign. In the car he got a big present with the cuddilies bear inside.

He’ll be fine. Sigh. Another bridge crossed. The end of another era. Up next will be the end of diapers. (No, there is NO diaper tree.)

My, they grow up fast.

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  1. Wabbit says:

    Binky tree. What a cool idea. With warm and fuzzy traditions like that, no wonder your country has the happiest people on Earth!

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