Welcome to the third in a series of articles entitled: Awesome Women with Awesome Jobs.

I was looking at my friends list on Facebook one day and it suddenly struck me, that I know so many absolutely awesome women with rather special jobs. Jobs that are not just about pulling home a paycheck. No, these women work with passion. They have a mission. And that – to me – is interesting. I hope you will find it interesting too.

My guest today is Helle Rannes.

C: What is your job?

H: I own www.joybox.dk, which is a web shop where I sell erotic toys.

C: Do you have another job on the side?

H: Nope.

Helle Rannes

Helle Rannes

H: Haha, no, it was pure coincidence. My ex-husband and I started it 8 years ago – it started as a funny little project but then we came across a German label named ”Fun Factory” and their products were quite different. Like, their vibrators had little faces – so instead of being gross, they were really cute! And I have taken a stand on these things – I don’t just sell anything, I only sell things I can fully support – without chemicals etc. When I got divorced 4 years ago, I took over the business. At first, I didn’t enjoy it very much, but I certainly do now!

C: Why didn’t you enjoy it?

H: Well, sex and sex toys are taboo. I found it hard to ”own up” to it – whenever I talked to someone – particularly men – they would act rather disgustingly when I told them I owned a sex shop – so I had a difficult beginning. No more, though. I don’t give a rat’s ass now – I’m proud of it and I own up to it – with an attitude! I’ve really transformed personally over the last four years, now I really enjoy having my shop.

C: What is your mission?

H: My mission is to provide sensuality and pleasure. I want women  – particularly those over 40 – to be JUICIER. After many years of marriage, most women tend to become a bit dried out in that area. So more than just being a ”sex-shop”, my little boutique is more about sensuality and pleasure.

C: A really awesome day in your work life: What does that look like?

H: Hehe, well, then I handle a lot of orders and write a newsletter. I am currently making a series of newsletter called ”The 3 most common mistakes women make when it comes to pleasure!” I try to provide something that gives women pleasure.


C: How much do you earn?

H: My turnover these days is about 60.000 DKK a month – which isn’t a lot…

C: But it is enough to make a living?

H: Well. I’d like it to be higher, naturally. But I haven’t been very good at marketing it… There are 300 sex shops online in Denmark alone – not to mention all the physical stores. So I have to differentiate myself… I’m not in this industry just to sell sex toys but to provide pleasure.

C: So – what does a really boring day look like to you?

H: Well, no orders – that is pretty boring.

C: What are the perks in your job?

H: I get to peek into people’s worlds. People ask me all kinds of questions and I think that is a lot of fun. Like, if they can’t get their toy to work, say…

C: They call you if their dildo doesn’t work???!!! I don’t think I would have the audacity to do that, hahaha…

H: Well, they do. I think it is awesome! And most often it is because they put in the batteries the wrong way… People, who call me, are not embarrassed. And if they ask me more difficult questions, I refer them to my ”house-sexologists”. I have worked with a woman named Maj Wismann who has run www.websexolog.dk for 6 years or so. I am also working with a woman named Freya Charlotte – she calls herself the Love Witch – she works in quite alternative ways. We’re working on an online ”club” with lots of stuff, interviews, tips and tricks – we have a lot of focus on TOUCHING. Even people who have been in relationships for years don’t get touched enough – so we work  with the entire body, massage, etc.

C: What is your formal education?

H: Well, I am a trained cosmetologist and massage therapist.

C: Who is your role model within your business or what you do?

H: Saida Désilet, who owns www.jadegoddess.com – she is awesome! She isn’t in my business per se but works with the feminine and the sensual. She makes courses with jade eggs that fulfill her mission to make women juicier – at any age! To create awareness, to make women more feminine and sensual – she is my greatest role model.

C: What is the top seller in your shop?

H: Well, my ”Goddess-package” is very popular! It contains a rechargeable vibrator, a charger and tube of lubricant. It is a cute little package; I sell a lot of those.

C: Rechargeable? So that people can take it out on the town or what??

H: Haha – no, it just means it isn’t battery operated.

C: Oooh, so it comes in a stand like a toothbrush??

H: Haha – no, it is more like your cell phone charger…. Other than that, I sell a lot of things for clitoris stimuli.

C: Oh. How does that work? I’m not really familiar with that world…

H: Nooo, of course you aren’t!!!   You just place it on your clitoris and then it vibrates. It comes in many different models and they are very popular. Particularly, if you have a difficult time getting an orgasm – this is a good place to start!

C: Why is it your mission to make women juicier – particularly the dry ones over 40?

H: ”Dry women over 40”, haha – you are getting there yourself, aren’t you?

C: Dry like a bone – well, boner!!

H: Well. I just really enjoy watching the transformation these women go through. When they work at their own juiciness, it is something they do for themselves. It doesn’t mean that they have to have sex all the time and it isn’t something they do for their partners. They do it for themselves and I tell you: They radiate! I mean: They BEAM! They show who they really are and become more extrovert and confidant.

It’s awesome!

C: If you were to advice others, who wanted to do that same as you do – what would you say?

H: Think outside the box. Differentiate yourself.

You can visit Helle Rannes’ shop at www.joybox.dk

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