The theme for the MAY 2013 Cindafuckingrella Write Off is:


Welcome to the first “Cindafuckingrella Write Off” – a creative writing challenge that is guaranteed to be fun, fabulous and fan-fucking-tastic!

First time writers: Here is your chance to write in a safe environment! Try it out! Let’s see what you’ve got!

Old time writers: Take the challenge! Be creative! Join us!!

The rules:

I set the THEME. Your text has to have some sort of tie to this theme and at least once, the word must appear.

Say the theme was “Yellow”: One person might write about his/her Grandmother because yellow was her favorite color, another person might write about a fairytale based on a childhood trauma related to yellow egg yolks, and another person again might write about her love for the Beatles and their Yellow Submarine.

The genre is creative writing, defined as having “the purpose to express thoughts, feelings and emotions rather than to simply convey information”.

Your piece has to be written in ENGLISH and be between 1800-2100 characters long (including spaces). Anything shorter or longer will not be admitted.

Send your text to mail[at]cindafuckingrella[dot]com in word-format and let me know what name or alias to publish it under.

I also need a TITLE. (The headline.)

If you want a picture with it too, attach this also.

I publish it as is. Do your own proof-reading!

The deadline is SUNDAY, MAY 26, 8 am Copenhagen time.

All posts will be published on as quickly as possible after the deadline.

The theme for the MAY 2013 Cindafuckingrella Write Off is:


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