Monday night and I was exhausted. It was raining, and I had biked fast, so I was sweating – it felt itchy and gross in my wet woolen coat. I was carrying my computer bag, my kid’s backpack, my big purse and my bike helmet. The gym was crowded, it was a quarter past dinner time, the 4 year old was hungry and the 8 year old was whining because I told him ”No” to an impromptu play date.

As I stood there, I got bit weepy eyed. I thought about all those people – millions, billions, (trillions even?*) who do not live in a democracy. Who do not have freedom. Freedom to say what they want, believe what they want, marry whom they want. FREEDOM, you know??!

And then – despite my loathing for politicians – I happily cast my vote.

You see, I someone said this:  ”People who don’t vote, don’t get to complain about the state of things.”

* I have no clue.




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