My GOD that women just wouldn’t SHUT UP!
Yap, yap, yap. Yak, yak, yak.
Not interesting tales, I might add. Eeeeeeeeverything would be discussed, not a stone unturned, not a detail not mentioned.
My issues with patience went a-flame and I conciously fought not to fall into my ugly pattern of sighing loudly.  I tried to smile politely and not roll my eyes. But I was so annoyed I could bust. She stepped on all of my sore toes:
  • taking forever to get to a point, I already got aeons ago
  • over-explaining
  • over-detailing
  • going beoynd the point to something even more uninteresting taking foreveraaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh.

My friend, who is a much better and kinder person than me, had a differnt take. “Well, she’s wonderful, so helpful and sweet.”

Fuck. Just as I suspected. It was just me being the worst version of me. I felt bad. Impatience is a big issue with me. Being judgemental is another. Crap.

During one of her long (helpful) explanations, my eyes met Hubb’s. He rolled his eyes. When we were alone, he widened his eyes and said: “What the fuck is UP with that woman and her long stories?” I loved him deeply!

Then, in a horrid plot twist I later found out that the yak-lady had just come out of a deep depression. She tried to commit suicide  but failed.
Oh, but THEN there was no room for my self-loathing. To think that I had been so impatiently wishing the woman would shut up or get to the point when she obviously had a lot to say and needed to be listened to. Sheesh.
So, I made an extra effort to take the time to listen to her silly stories and even asked encouraging questions. She shared a (long!) story about how she loved being pregnant and we had a moment where she teared up when she shared how sad she was when she expected the twins, as she knew that would be her last pregnancy. I gave her a warm and sincere (!!!) hug.
The morale of the story is: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
Also, get to the point.

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