I am happy to announce, that last week, my mother passed her first brown stool in six months.

”This calls for an announcement?” you may ask.

Well, in June she turned yellow. Her skin was bright yellow and – like straight out of a cheap splatter movie – also her eyes: bright yellow. Something was blocking the bile. Turned out it was a tumor. Three, to be exact. One in the liver and two cutting off the gall ducts.

So, here we are 5 months later. Is is six surgeries? Something like that. Wearing bags that wire directly into her, draining her. Weeks hospitalized. Five or six rounds of chemo.

She is a tough broad. Beautiful and strong. She is herself more than ever before. All her traits have grown in magnitude. And the other day, she proudly announced that she had made a brown turd.

Bile is what makes a turd brown. This means it is running the right way. The tumors have shrunk. The surgery to rewire her pipes and whatnots have worked.

Brown turd means hope.

More time.

More life.

So when you gather round at the Thanksgiving table or next time you feel like simply recognizing that you are blessed and have a lot to be thankful for, you can add you appreciation for the brown in your caca.

You’d miss it if it weren’t there. Trust me.

Thanks for reading. Bless you.


One Response to The Celebration of the Brown Turd

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh dear. Yes I have had white poop. Yes I am currently focusing on my gall bladder support and now that you mention it, my poop is brown. Sorry you and your mom had such a difficult season…

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