1. I never really cared for Tom Cruise or his movies (except Magnolia!) but I always admired his ability to run fast. His little legs going like drumsticks.
2. The other day, I scratched another car when I tried to park. And I drove away without leaving a note – in a panic. I feel genuinely bad about it.
3. I weighed 1800 grams when I was born which is really quite amazing when you think of what I weigh now.
4.  I never liked science fiction or fantasy movies or books but I have read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga – all 4 books –  about 7 times. And am rather embarrassed about it.
5.  I once stated crying in a bank because there was kid who deposited his piggybank. It reminded me of mortality and how we grow up so fast.
6. I love Meryl Streep.
7.  I think that I am smarter than the average person.
8.  I sneeze in sets, never less than 5 at a time.
9. I wish I looked more like Beoynce.
10.  When I was 19 or so, I was stopped leaving a dance floor by a guy who said: “You are the best dancer I have ever seen.” That is on my top 10 of best compliments I’ve ever received.
11. In my life, 4 people have told me, that I am the funniest person they know.  4 people need to get out more.
12. I once read that amount of energy spent at child birth is equivalent to running a marathon – a topic popular to mention in one’s curriculum vitae –  so I am toying with the idea of putting in my resume: “Two births. Vaginal”.
13. I often think  for years about people, whose deaths I’ve heard about on the news. Like the 2-year old who was left by her forgetful farther in a car on a hot day.
14. My feet are beautiful, though large.
15. One of my favorite things to do is traveling. I don’t like the transportation-part of it, though.
16. When traveling, one of my favorite things to do, is visit local supermarkets. I love to look at all the tins, jars and cans, their vegetables, breads, meats, fish,  how they display things, the smells, the sounds.
17. When I was 5, I got a brother, who was born 2 months premature. I asked my mother: “Why does he look like a monkey?”
18.  Sometimes I just want to get away from myself.
19. I know two people, who lost their virginity by mass rape.
20. I speak 6 languages. Kind of. In the “large-passive-vocabularium-kind-of-way”.
21. When I am really happy, I get a tingling sensation in my chest.
22.  I think competence is the most sexy thing there is.
23. I love edible flowers.
24. I don’t really like rock music.
25.  I love the old man in “Four Weddings And A Funeral”, who is perpetually pissed off. Hugh Grants character introduces himself to him and says: “How do you do, I’m Charles.” He answers: “Don’t be ridiculous, Charles died more than 20 years ago”. Hugh: “No, no, I’M Charles!” Man: “Are you saying, I don’t know my own brother?” Later, when asked “Bride or groom, sir?”, on his way into a church wedding, he answers: “It should be perfectly obvious, that I am neither!”
26. I don’t really care to visit India. Or China. Too many people and germs. And prejudices?
27.  I think about death every day.
28. If I could have lunch with any historical person, it would be Jesus. Not because I’m into bread and fish but because I’ve got questions.
29. If I could have lunch with any living person I wouldn’t know whom to choose.
30. I really admire couples who speak lovingly about and to each other. And wonder how they do it.
31. Sometimes, I yell, at the top of my lungs: “STOP YELLING!”
32. I think abortion is murder. And that it definitely should be legal.
33. I don’t keep up with what is happening in the world because the news are so depressing.
34. The best book I ever read is “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck.
35.  After having an epidural, I was paralyzed. So I sat on the toilet and as I passed gas, a nurse, who was watching me from the door said, enthusiastically: “Good job!” I found it oddly refreshing to be complimented for passing gas.
36. When my one kid makes my other kid laugh, I can barely contain my happiness. It is the best sound in the world.
37. I am bad with numbers. And logic.
38.  I am relieved by the thought that death is something that will happen to every one. No one escapes it. We are all equal after all.
40. I once interviewed a murderer. He said, that the worst thing and the best thing about prison was the same: That you have no responsibility.
41. I think my husband, with his boyish charm, is really beautiful.
42.  One day, I hope to swim with dolphins. Not in a ship-wrecked -kind-of-way, thou.
43. When I was single, I was really good a picking up guys, mainly because I have large breasts and because I was never shy.
44. I love warm summer nights.
45. I am afraid of boring you.
46. Sopranos is my all time favorite TV show.
47. I’ve gone to 10 different schools including Munkebjerg Skole in Odense, Denmark,  Waldport High School in Oregon, USA, the University of Bergen, Norway and Princeton University in New Jersey, USA.
48.  I am growing my own potatoes in a pot. And am very proud of it.
49. When I was 20-something, I walked in on my parents having sex. It was really mortifying.
50. I think farts are funny.

51 – 100: To be continued…



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3 Responses to 100 Things You’ll Know If You Read This, Part One

  1. Charlotsky says:

    Totally with you on 13, 14, 15 and 16. Oh, and 31, 33, 36, 37 and 50. The last one reminds me of this. Hilarious!
    Skip to about 1.37 if you are impatient :)

    Thanks for making me laugh. Again. <3

  2. Cindafuckingrella says:

    Dear Charlotsky,
    I can’t help but wonder if your last name is “Trotsky”? Charlotsky Trotsky, that would be quite a name.
    Thank you for your comment, I do appreciate it. Also thank you for the link. I saw the video and laughed out loud.
    Yes, farts ARE funny.

    Actually, if we put all the times I’ve laughed over this video, it sums up to about a couple of days:





  3. Wabbit says:


    I loved reading this…so much learned, so much to think about, and I still came away entertained. All while getting to know more about you. THANK YOU for your honesty, openness, excellent points to ponder, and making me smile.

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