Another quick and easy little thing to serve with a chilled glas of Cava is Lox on baguette.

You need:

Baguette or what other (white) bread you have – sliced and toasted

Arugula lettuce or other green (baby spinach is great too)

Cream cheese

Smoked salmon finely sliced

Salmon roe – or trout roe – or caviar


Red onion


Lemon wedges – optional

Pepper – optional

To make:

Slice and toast the bread (easily done all at once in the oven)

Spread on cream cheese

Add the arugula, lox, finely diced onion, sliced cucumber and dill. Add a tea spoon of salmon roe and squeeze it all with lemon juice and add some pepper. No salt! (The salmon is salty in itself!)

It looks like a million dollars and takes 15 min. to make!

Goes well as a small entree, canape or in a tapas setting.



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