Hey not-so-cruel-world,

It’s me again.

I thought I’d seize the opportunity to show you what kind of stuff goes into MY gratitude journal. (Mentioned in last post – go back one.) Have you started you own gratitude journal yet? Well, get to it!

Today, I am grateful for:

Getting the LOVELIEST mail from an old classmate, who praised my blog and told me to make it into a book. Awwww. ( I’m s u c h  a sucker for praise. It’s – like – ridiculous.)

Sleeping through the night. No kids came in with tales of under-the-bed-monsters. Everyone just slept. Ah.

Having the freedom to let the 2- year old sleep in because he was so tired and I don’t have an office to go to, so I just took him to kindergarten later. HA! SUCK ON THAT people with jobs.

Sitting on the bike and reaching back to feel a tiny little gloved hand hold mine. After a while then hearing: “Alright, that’s enough!” He’s only 2 but he knows what he wants.

Good things on the horizon: I am cashing in on my many birthday presents, so there’s dinner and drinks with wonderful friends Friday, dinner with wonderful friend Monday, movie with wonderful friend Tuesday, date with babybrother Thursday, dinner with wonderful friend Saturday with sleep over until Sunday where we have spa-appointments, then I have a really cool 4-day course right before the family leave for a week in Egypt. Who the hell has the audacity to be depressed with that sort of schedule? I’m giving up the depression right now. There.

Penicillin. My throat doesn’t hurt anymore.

Spring. Tomorrow it is March 1st and officially spring. Yes, the forecast says snow in the weekend but today it is mild and lovely and I’m going to go out into it. Into the Mild. (Just watched Into the Wild. Not the same.)

Readers that comment. Wow. It makes a difference in my life. Yes. All the difference.

Pink Martini. The sound track to my life.

My mom. She’s babysitting tonight.

Hope. All of a sudden, there it is.

Hey – what are YOU grateful for today?

I’d love it if you’d share. LOOOOVE IT! You can be anonymous if you want. Or make up a really cool alias. Use the comment-thingy down below. Please? If I get more than 5 comments I am going to bake you a cake! If I get 3 comments from people, who haven’t commented before I’ll do something wild. Like. COMPLETELY wild. It will be worth seeing. COOOME ON! Pleeease? Tell me: What are you grateful for today?  You can do one thing or as many as you want.

(Jeez, who do I have to fuck to get comment out of you people?)

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10 Responses to An Example of Gratitude

  1. Amy says:

    Ok, ok Cinda, her’s a freaking comment… 😉
    Today I am grateful for
    – my car. It broke down and life was not the same without it. SOOO happy it’s back again!
    – my stamina. I lost 13 pounds over the past 3 months.
    – you blog. Always something funny and/or wise and/or delicious. You’re a really good writer!
    – Diet Dr. Pepper. It’s just yummy.

    • Cindafuckingrella says:

      13 pounds! Whoa! Good for you! That’s more than two pants sizes.
      I love Dr. Pepper too. Can’t get the diet kind here 🙁
      Thanks for the praise. You’re a really good reader!

  2. Signita says:

    Have been meaning to say I really like your blog + start a gratitude journal for a while so here’s my excuse to do both! I am grateful for
    Being able to pick up my almost four year old without my six months old on one arm because hubby is working from home.
    Having started reading a novel again for the first time since my daughter was born six months ago
    Spring in the air
    A long phone conversation with a great friend last night

    • Cindafuckingrella says:

      Sometimes we need an excuse!
      So happy for your kind words, thank you.
      Happy Spring to you. I’m feeling it too. Yay!

  3. Joanna says:

    I’ve just found your blog, and it’s really great – you deserve lots and lots of praise!

    I am grateful for:
    ~my beautiful 15 month old daugther, even if she still doesn’t understand what it means to sleep through the night – at least she was super snuggly at 5:30 this morning.
    ~my job – even though I do wish I could work about 20 hours less per week so I could spend more time with above-mentioned daugther, I have to remember that I am gainfully employed in my chosen career in a sh!tty economy, and therefore, we have food on the table, a roof over our heads, and good medical insurance (live in US).
    ~my husband – yes he makes me crazy, but he CLEANS – what a man!

    Haha – all of mine have disclaimers – time to work on that part of my gratefulness.

    • Cindafuckingrella says:

      Hi Joanna,
      Welcome – glad to have you with us. Thank you for the – well-deserved – praise, haha.
      The disclaimers – boy, do I know about them!
      Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wabbit says:

    Better late than never, and always bringing up the rear…not that rear, dearest, the Wabbit Weighs In. Well, not that kind of weigh in, but (with only 1 “t”)…

    Thinking I should quit while getting ahead (gutter minds should leave that alone), today the Wabbit is grateful for:

    – Having found two excellent, outstanding, and amazing instructors in the myriad of mediocrity and worse in our school district

    – A husband who shoulders the burden so that I can play the Domestic Diva instead of frantically searching to be restored to the the Working Woman World

    – Friends who call out-of-the-blue and invite me to coffee on the spot

    – The rain that everyone is complaining about but is so desperately needed right now

    – My son cooking dinner for the family and baking delicious orange scones

    – Cindafuckingrella.com

  5. Tam says:

    I am grateful for my job.

    • Cindafuckingrella says:

      Bit of a late reply Tam but I’m glad you’re enjoying your job. Thanks for sharing!

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