Man, I was tired this morning. Once everybody was up and seated by their breakfasts, we realized that we had gotten up an hour early thanks to the 2-year old, who messed with our alarm clock yesterday. Having all the time in the world everybody took their sweet-ass time – with the consequence that we were all out the door 10 minutes late.

(It that a law? Like “Murphey’s Law”? If not, I claim it: “Cindafuckingrella’s Law: When you start out with a lot of time and end up late.” Duh! Like the people who live RIGHT next to where you are supposed to meet are always late, where the ones who took two airplanes, a bus, a taxi and walked 5 blocks are 10 minutes early. Maaaaan!)

Hubby and I had a “discussion” yesterday and I was still marked by it today. We have different priorities and it is not going to go away. If we are going to make it work, we really only have one choice. We are headed towards the dreaded “C”.

Compromise. Fuck. Hate that. Can’t we just do what I want?

So I was feeling kind of low when I reached my back-therapist-person. I’ve had back problems for YEARS and this guy does the Tour de France-riders, so he knows his shit. So, when I left him an hour later, I could barely walk. “You might experience some soreness” – indeed.

I was still feeling blue.

Then I bought a book that I suspect will change my life – if it does, I’ll tell you about it in some other post.

Buying that felt good.

Then I went into the film store. Had this conversation:

Me: “Hi, I’d like “Breaking Dawn, please!”

Young man: “Ok. Is it a present?”

Me: “No.”

Him: “Do you want me to wrap it?”

Me: “Ehm, no, it is for me.”

Him: “It’s not a present?”

Me (WTF?): “Well.. Ok. Yes. It is a present. Could you please wrap it?”

(I hope this guy NEVER works at a pharmacy!)

Buying that felt good. I perked up.

Then I went to my old hood and stopped at a sushi place. There, I sat in the sun – outside – and had a bowl of miso soup and 10 pieces of salmon roll. I told the waitress that her hands were beautiful and she had never been told that before. I don’t understand why, they really were exceptionally beautiful.

I read my new book and felt – well, great!

Then I went to the LOVELIEST little shop and bought this:

The storekeeper and I got to talking. I complimented her for her good taste and many fine things and she roared with laughter when I used one of my old puns on her. (It was new to her.) Hell, we almost hugged as I left.

Now I felt really good.

Then I stopped at the Thai supermarket and bought dried sea weed and fish sauce, strange fruits (flown in directly – sorry Mr. CO2!) and satey thingies and some nuts and wasabe and other things in jars… A Thai transvestite gave a piece of jackfruit. I gave him my biggest smile.

Then I biked all the way home. Now I just have time for a coffee before I pick up my boys from school.

Tonight is going to be me, some dried sea weed and Edvard and Bella getting it OOOOON!

I feel so much better. Thank you Mr. Credit Card.

How was your day? (Read: What did YOU buy?)

3 Responses to Retail Therapy

  1. Lilja Sif says:


    I probably would have acted like that store clerk 😉

  2. Marguerite says:

    Nothing today, but yesterday I bought a great new day dress, the kind you can zip on any day of the week and wear with ease all day. It has red stripes and makes me look skinny, which always makes me happy, especially when paired with my converse tennies like today. 🙂

  3. Wabbit says:

    Reading this on my “today”…

    I bought a huge, plastic crochet hook. Planning to work a rag rug. Indulgence, indeed. Wabbit Waxes Domestic. You read it here first.

    I also bought two charms with my sons’ initials on them. These I will hook to their camera straps to identify them going forward, and thus reclaim my Coca Cola polar bear charm that has served to differentiate the cameras to date.

    Oh yeah, the Wabbit splurged today. But the purchase of just those silly little things made me feel good. And I think that’s what counts.

    Now…we’re waiting to hear more about that life-changing book!

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