Once, as me and my girlfriends were getting ready to go out for a night on the town, I recorded us on tape. As we tried on clothes, drank cheap white wine and applied vast amounts of mascara, my old tape recorder (Shut up, I AM that old!) caught every word.

I found that tape years later and thought it was hilarious. At one point my friend said something and as I was listening to it, I commented out loud with a pun. Only to hear myself say the same pun a fraction of a second later on the recording made 10 years earlier.

I was mortified because I recognized that this wasn’t the only situation where I make the same associations. I read that we basically think the same thoughts over and over – 80 per cent of our 15,000 – 40,000 daily thoughts are old news. Huh?

Where is innovation, originality and creativity in thinking the same thoughts again and again and always going from A to B? Yikes!

It is one thing to have a repertoire of puns and jokes that one uses and the fact that one’s friends and family might have heard the one about the black man’s cock before. But then there are the things I repeat without knowing it. Like, everytime we watch the opening of “Dexter” I ask: “How come he shaves and then has a five o’clock shade when he leaves right after?” According to Hubby, I say this EVERY time. Supposedly, it is highly annoying.

And on my blog too. The same themes – over and over. Wah, wah, wah. And I can’t ever write that I had “dim sum” with out adding  “- and then some”.

So, I apologize for always writing about – more or less – the same things. Well, here, here, herehere and here.

And THIS is why you should travel new places, associate with people who are different from you, drive a new route to work and try ordering something you don’t usually order next time you go out.

To think different. Ly.

Here are some cute little piggies.


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8 Responses to One Track Mind

  1. Charlotte says:

    I once read a book in which the author applauded new friendships, because her husband then could seem funny when telling all the jokes all their other friends had heard before. Kind of sad.

    Well, my hubby says ‘Time flies when you’re having se .. eh, fun’ at least once a month. And ‘Nice ass in those trousers’ whenever I walk by him wearing jeans/sweat pants/knickers/nothing. That I can forgive 🙂

    • Cindafuckingrella says:

      I don’t think it is sad at all. I recognize myself in that – totally.
      And you DO have a nice ass.

  2. Cathy says:

    Oh I think they might be on to something with that. I think about my blog and it’s all the same shit. I mean really, how many times can I write about perspective? A lot apparently (but it is a good topic, no?). I think that’s why I’ve tailed off on my writing. Nothing new comes to mind. Ah, but that’s all going to change now… I promise.

    You should post that tape recording. That’d be some awesome stuff to listen to. Make a little movie out of it. 🙂

    • Cindafuckingrella says:

      Nah, it wasn’t fit for posting. We also recorded stuff when we got home at night – drunk and rather x-rated. This is a family blog, you know. Hehehe. As the Nun told the Sailor.
      So Cathy, if you’re up for it: How about throwing each other a challenge once in a while? Like: If I were to say that I read that Madonna once said: “Most people don’t say what they want. That is why most people don’t GET what they want”. If you were to spin a post on that notion, what would it look like? Can’t wait to read it!
      I invite all my readers to throw ME a challenge! What would you have me write about; on what topics would you like to get my two cents? (Or is it 50 Cents? Or is that a rapper?)
      I dare you to dare me!

  3. Lilja Sif says:

    I’d live to read a post where you argue that Sierra Leone is the best country EVER to take a summer holiday to.

    • Cindafuckingrella says:

      Lilja Sif,
      Girl, you know HOW MUCH I love you and I’d be up for a challenge but I’d prefer to write something FUN and writing something fun about Sierra Leone would be like kicking someone already down. It would have to be something like “Do YOU need to loose weight? We’ve got just the holiday for you!” or “Get a bang for your buck!”..

      They get kudos for trying though: http://www.visitsierraleone.org/

      “Travelling to Sierra Leone requires a fair amount of planning and flexibility so we advise arranging as much as possible in advance. Keep in mind that Sierra Leone is still one of the poorest countries in the world, therefore do not expect everything to work. If you are going to be on holiday, it is probably not the place if you always desire the finest things in life. Regardless, Sierra Leoneans will welcome you with open arms and wide smiles.”
      Try again, though. Next one I’ll do, no matter what it is! (Read: How lame it is…) 😉

  4. Lilja Sif says:

    LOL!! You might be on to something there… but yes, you’re right, it’s a bit like kicking someone already down. Still a very funny spin on it.

    Ok… another challenge… how abouuut… what famous quote/philosophy changed your life, the whens, wheres and the hows of it ?

  5. […] I complimented her for her good taste and many fine things and she roared with laughter when I used one of my old puns on her. (It was new to her.) Hell, we almost hugged as I […]

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