Sometimes I just need the world to be simple. I need for problems, complications and crisis to be solved through an enjoyable process – with a few laughs, perhaps a single tear but with our heroine – or hero – coming out on the other side: Wiser, better, safe and right where she or he is supposed to be.

When they finally make that movie about my life, where I am right now, will be part of a montage. Sped up, our heroine will be seen doing what I do and then – soon  (and to the sound of violins) she’ll be on the other side. Well… I’ll be on the other side. Right now I’m still in the process. I am on the look-out for the laughs, I take the tears in stride and pray that the other side will come soon. Well. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping it isn’t another train!

So. When I feel like that, I go to my old, faithful, wonderful friends. Luckily, I have a few of them… THEY know what I want, they know how to satisfy my need to Feel-Good.


“Bridget Jones’ Diary”. (The first – the sequel is outright lame!) About singleton-gal Bridget and her quest to finally find love, loose weight, quit smoking and stop drinking. I’m usually not too crazy about Rene Zellwegger but I almost piss myself when Bridget’s ass meets the camera via fire pole for ‘Sit Up Britain’. And it has a smoldering Colin Firth, he always makes me feel good.

“Then She Found Me”. Directed by and starring a lovely Helen Hunt, who gets married, left, falls in love with a new man who was brutally left by his evil wife, discovers that she is pregnant with the husband who left her – on and on and on it goes –  and on top of all this deals with the mother, who gave her up for adoption. Well. It also stars Colin Firth! Like I said, he always makes me feel good.

“Dan in Real Life”. With Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche. He is a widower, who falls in love with his brother’s new girlfriend at the annual family-weekend. Heartwarming and sweet. And he is not over-acting like he does in other stuff. The pig-face scene makes me sob from laughing so hard.

“Juno”. About teenage pregnancy. If I just describe the plot, you’d think it lame. But oh – the dialogue is sazzy and Ellen Page carries the movie with such loveliness – you can’t not adore her. Oh, and Michael Cera, who plays her boyfriend – ahhh, he breaks my heart, soooo sweet.

“When Harry Met Sally”. Can women and men be friends? Harry and Sally first proves the theory wrong – then delightfully right. From before Meg Ryan got her lips filled and Billy Crystal got really old. Charming, funny, feel-good. Oh – and also contains the world-class: “I’ll have what she’s having”-orgasm scene.

Julie & Julia: It combines three of my very favorite things in life: Meryl Streep, blogging and food. Love, love, love it. Freaking love it.

If my need is dire, I go with a mini-series.

Number one is Pride and Prejudice – also starring Colin Firth. (The BBC-version, naturellement – there is only ONE original!!) Oh, Lord, how things are complicated in Jane Austen’s universe and how the heart yearns. And once we’ve found out that the good one is really the bad one and the bad one is really the sexy-smoldering- wet-shirt-wearing-sisters-honor-saving lord of the biggest castle around: Well, then everything falls into place. LOVE. IT. (Favorite character: Mr. Bingley’s brother in-law, who is either drunk or asleep in EVERY single scene, hahaha. Hilarious!)

Since I was 8, every Christmas, my Aunt and I would huddle around the screen and watch Anne of Green Gables. About the orphan girl with the red hair. Oh, how I’ve crushed on Gilbert Blythe. And dreamed of puff-sleeves.

New on my list is Downton Abbey. The “Upstairs Downstairs” world of Lord Grantham’s household is filled with complication, intrigue and  beautiful dresses – and we just know that everything will turn out in the end. And is it me or is the guy who plays Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) the spitting image of a blond, better-looking and young Hugh Grant??

What is on your in-case-of-an-emergency-go-to-feel-good-movie-list? Please share your comments below!



3 Responses to Feel-Good for When You Feel Bad

  1. Svenskofilia says:

    Oh Gilbert! How could I forget? I quite agree with your list. The films I’ve seen countless times are:
    High Fidelity -though I think Iben Hjejle is so wrong for the role as Laura, John Cusack is just perfection!
    Some Like It Hot -Marilyn and men in drag!
    Clueless -funny, romantic and Jane Austen!
    Love Actually -best of british actors, works best oct.-dec.
    And you might be right about the Hugh Grant thing.

  2. Jen says:

    Three men and a little girl (not baby). The teacher is very annoying. 🙂
    I have just seen Kramer vs Kramer again. Is that a feel good movie? Maybe not. Made before all these programs where people are nasty to each other.

  3. Wabbit says:

    Sooo pleased that you’re loving Downton Abbey as much as I am. Can’t wait for the next season!

    As for emergency pick-me-up films…I follow you on Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth! Say no more!)

    Love Actually (nod to Svenskofilia) does me every time I need a smile. My heart lifts and the world seems just a bit brighter.

    Goldie Hawn films: The Housesitter, Private Benjamin, Overboard. They make me laugh and feel the love.

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