Dear readers,

It is my wish and ambition that shall grow to be more than it is today. I would love for it to become… a community. A place where people go and read about stuff, saying: “Oh my God – me too!” or “Whoa, glad it wasn’t me” or “HAHAHAHAHA! That the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!” or “HONEY – get your ass in here: You gotta see this” or “Being George Clooney, I have to say, this Cindafuckingrella-chick sounds like someone I’d like to lavish with attention!”…

This is where YOU come in. I an hence inviting y’all to be Guest Stars at Cindafuckingrella. No pressure, but I know some of you personally and I know you would be AWESOME.

In order to set up some kind of framework, here are the “rules”:

  • Please take your point of departure in one of the following words: Love, Life, Fun. You can go anywhere from there.
  • You may write in any genre you would like.
  • Your post has to be between minimum 1,000 characters (including spaces), maximum 2,500 characters (including spaces).
  • You have to write in English and do you own damn proof reading.
  • You get no money from me – you do it because it would be an awesome thing to do and you’ll have FUN!
  • You don’t have to go by your real name but I have to know it. (Cuz’ I like to feel special.)

I can’t think of any more rules right now but I reserve the right to make up more rules as we go along and I grow wiser.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email : mail[at]cindafuckingrella[dot]com <— This is also where you submit your post.

C’mon, take the challenge!!

Or are you… Chicken?… Chicken shit???..

I look forward to a bombardment of emails!

Can’t wait!

And please – don’t leave me hanging here…

Love, Cinda

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2 Responses to Open Mike Night – An Invitation

  1. Charlotsky says:

    I might just go ahead and do that…

  2. Wabbit says:

    Comment card from my last speaking engagement: Oh gawd! Please don’t let that woman near the microphone again. The global sanity depends upon it!

    But THIS time will be different. If only because Cinda invited me. Personally. OK, so it was in a blog, but I know she was reaching out to me. The stuffed sheep sitting on my pencil sharpener told me so.

    Moral of the story: Beware what you ask for, as it may yet be given. 😉

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