Hello sweetheart,

I miss you.

Unfortunately, I seem to be waiting  to be hit with a thunder bolt of inspiration and all that is happening is a vague rumbling in the distance. (And that might not even be inspiration. Hubby had Mexican food yesterday.)

There are so many things I wanted to share.

This week (on his 37th birthday)  saw the funeral of someone in the periphery of my circle of friends. He chose the most permanent of all solutions to a temporary situation. Leaving behind two small kids, parents (he was their only child), a stunned circle of friends and the woman, he was in the midst of a divorce from. Just pisses me off. And it makes me weep. Had a lot to say about that…

And my big boy turns 8. I wanted to share with you all my thoughts about this journey of watching him go from the world’s most beautiful baby to this long, sensitive boy, who says the most profound, hysterical and awesome things. The other day I was giving him the Royal Spa Deluxe for his bath, cutting his nails, cleaning his ears and buttering him up in lotion. I had him wrapped in a towel and hugged him and he said: “Oh, I  wish I could kiss you right now.” I said: “Well, can’t you?” He said: “No, because unfortunately I have a cold sore.” He is going to make some herpes-ridden girl a very lucky woman some day! Ah, I wanted to tell you all about it…

And because I have been having a bit of an existentialistic crisis lately, I invited my closest friends over for an evening of shedding light upon ME. It was fantastic. With one friend as facilitator, we did several exercises that all helped them describe the way they see me and what they think my strengths are. It was very loving and up-lifting. I ought to tell you all about it, so you can plan one for yourself, should you ever need it. Sigh; I just can’t seem to sit my ass down and tell you about it. …


And I have a whole post almost ready about edible flowers. It is so lovely and beautiful. I’ll have to do that one properly. Just can’t get around to it. …

Oh, and I thought about writing about road rage. I took a semester on the School of Journalism and for my final exam I wrote an article about road rage for a magazine (never submitted and never published!) where I interviewed Denmark’s two leading experts. This one could be educational AND hysterical. Maybe you’ll see that in some version some day. Sigh…

An then I thought about writing one about poor Spring. It’s got a bad case of performance angst. All those expectations pinned on its arrival. “I’m going to have so much more energy!”, “I’ll start biking to work.”, “We’ll see our friends so much more once we can be outside and barbeque.” ,“We won’t be so sick all the goddamn time”.  

Cue to me, blowing a raspberry.


I need a co-writer (or several). I need a wall to play my ball up against. So if you are (or know of) a very funny person, who would like to write with me and/or independently for this blog, let me know.

Requirements: Decent writing skills, humour, pulse. (So no vampires. Unless you are that guy that fucks all the time in True Blood. Alexander Skarsgaard… Good lordy! If you are him: Please: Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch. I’d be VERY interested in getting something up and… eh.. running.)

If you just want to encourage me and give me ideas of what to write about, I’m open for that too.

If you want to tell me that I’m awesome and that you love me, that would be welcome too, although I’d appreciate if you used your own words and be very specific and elaborate about what it is you find so awesome and wonderful about me.

Drop me a line on mail[at]cindafuckingrella[dot]com

So! Lots of awesome posts brewing.

Stay tuned! (Don’t give up on me yet. I just paid for another year of owning the domaine.)

Cinda loves you.


Yeah, this looks nothing like me.


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