The wind and the sun argued one day over which one was the stronger.

When they saw a man walking down the street, they thought they would use him to see which one could remove the coat from the man’s back the quickest.

The wind began. He inhaled deeply and then blew strong gusts of air, so strong that the man could barely walk against them. This made the man clutch his coat tightly against him. The wind blew harder and longer, and the harder the wind blew, the tighter the man held on to his coat. The wind blew until he was exhausted, but he could not remove the coat from the man’s back.

Then came the sun’s turn. He gently sent his beams upon the man. Quietly and intensely, he shone upon the man’s head and back until the man became so warm that he took off his coat.

I am thinking about Aesop’s fable, and the saying about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar, as I  – politely, calmly and smilingly  — do my damndest to kill a bitch with kindness.



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