One advantage of always turning up early is that it leaves time for one of my favorite pastimes; to people-watch. I imagine where they are from, where they are going, the relationships between them, etc. And this morning, as I was picking up my friend from the airport, I witnessed the miracle of birth.

I noticed a small crowd of people, obviously related; two elder couples, a younger couple and some kids. They were in complete agony, waiting for someone. Impatience was radiating from them. There was an infectious nervousness about them and soon I started looking impatiently at the arrivals door too. Finally they came. A middle-aged couple with their adopted child. Jumpy, weary and happy as new mothers are, the mother held out her beautiful wide-eyed child to her mother, who instantly became a grandmother – and they both burst into tears. The whole thing was so intimate, I felt like I was intruding and at the same time, I couldn’t look away.  I admit, I had to suppress a sob but I couldn’t prevent the tears because it was just such a special and beautiful moment to witness.

The men man-hugged, padding each other loudly on their backs, and laughed in that way men laugh when they are trying not to cry, clearing their throats – they would have kicked some tires if there had been any to kick!!

After a while everyone gathered around the little new member of their tribe. They grew quiet and reverently stood in a circle and watched the baby. This was too much attention and the baby protested with a loud cry. The group dissolved with laughter and soon they were on their way.


Tip of the day #1: Get there early. You might be a witness to something truly beautiful.

Tip of the day #2: Don’t be staring at your phone, dipshit. You might miss you friend, who walked right past you. Ahem..







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