9 year old: ”Moom… If you had a terrible secret, would you tell your best friend in the world?”

Me: ”Eh. I dunno. What is the secret?”

9 year old: ”Well.. It’s.. Well, he broke into the teacher’s office…”

Me: ”Ooo.. Kay. Then what happened?”

9 year old: ”And he stole something.”

Me: ”You know you can trust me with anything, right? No matter what happens, you can always tell me and we’ll figure it out, ok, honey?”

9 Year old: ”Yeah, yeah. Well, he stole.. eh..”

Me: ”What. Did. He. Steal?”

9 year old: ”He was so scared of getting caught!”

Me: ”What did he steal, honey?”

9 year old: ”Well, he stole some herbs.”

Me: ”Some her…. Wait a minute! Are we talking about something that happened in real life, or in Harry Potter?”

9 year old : ”Harry Potter. Why? Whay are you laughing so hard?”


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