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Hey,How’s your day going? Good, I hope.

It’s Ann from PhotoFeeler.

This is a little embarrassing, but the thing is… the team and I like you a lot. And we’d like to talk to you about how you like us— your experience so far with the PhotoFeeler website, voting on photos, photo testing, really anything you would like to tell us.

In lieu of asking you to coffee, though, I can narrow the conversation to a single question: What have you used PhotoFeeler for so far, and what came of it?

Okay, it’s really two questions. I’m nervous, okay? (I just knew we were gonna screw this up!)

Anyway— just hit Reply to this email and talk to us. Those questions again are: What have you used PhotoFeeler for so far, and what came of it?

With Kind Regards,

The PhotoFeeler Team

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6:23 PM (9 minutes ago) to admin
Hi Ann,
Sure, we can go steady! Ha-ha.
I used PhotoFeeler to get random strangers to tell me their honest opinion about my physical appearence. Turnes out random strangers are painfully honest assholes, who based on my LinkedIn profile picture think I am basically incompetent (15%), bitchy (8!!%) and not-even middle-management-worthy (38%).
Outraged, I posted the picture and score on Facebook and my friend told me I wore too much make-up. @&#%**^€$£.
Consequently, I changed the picture and a new round of random strangers now rated me slightly less incompetent and bitchy but now completely unfollowable. (19%, 13%, 20%, respectively.)
I am considering having a face-transplant and will swop faces with a baby-seal. They are adorable. THEN random strangers will like me.
(But with my baby-seal face, who will take me “clubbing”? Sorry, that was lame..)
Anyway, hope you can use my answer and that you and the team are having fun. I hope you are not laughing at MY picture, that would be mean and if I found out about it, I would take actions toward my until-now tentative plans for the baby-seal-face-transplant.
Take care.
Kind regards,
PS: Fur is murder. Don’t kill seals. Except that dude that kept marrying Heidi Klum on a fucking beach every year untill they divorsed and she ‘fornicated with the hired help’- as I think Seal himself put it. He sounds like a dick. Go ahead and “go clubbing” with him, if you catch my drift.

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  1. Wellingtons says:

    Oh Cinda, you make me laugh! What a hilarious post, this rainy day just got a bit brighter:-) Love U.

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