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Subject: Interview

Dear HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName),

On my blog ( I am currently doing a series of articles called ”Awesome Women with Awesome Jobs”.

I was wondering if you would do me the tremendous honor of being the first man I interview about your job? (You can see the series on the site – so far I have interviewed a children’s author, a sex shop owner, a Power Princess, a social media manager and a Pastor.)

My blog is where I go to play. It is also the place where I gaze at my own navel and think about the world. I don’t have very many readers and I earn nothing on it – it is a labor of love. Which brings us to you: Call it love, call it cheeseburger: I am crazy about you. Your sense of humour fits mine perfectly and your profoundness always leaves me something to ponder.

My blog is in English, so I usually interview people over Skype and translate it from there. It will take 30 minutes tops.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


PS This is the first time I go beyond my circle of friends to interview someone. My (stupid) husband tells me that you are waaaaay too established an artist to want to talk to me. Please, please prove him wrong. 

HuskMitNavn wrote on 2012-09-24 21:17:

Hi Cinda

Thanks for your interest.

If you mail me a few questions, I’ll answer them.

Unfortunately, doing the interview via Skype is not an option.




Interview with HuskMitNavn:


C: What is your job?

HMN: I draw.

C: Did you always know that that is what you wanted to do?

HMN: No, I was around 20 years old when I first thought that drawing was something one could live off.

C: What is your formal education?

HMN: Art teacher.

C: Do you have a mission? What is it?

HMN: I try to make things that people can recognize themselves in.

C: Who else is really good at what you do – do you have any role models?

HMN: I don’t have any role models but I like different works by different artists. I enjoy looking at photo art and reading books more than looking at art. Art is a bit too demystified because I work with it myself.

C: What does a good day in your working life look like?

HMN: A day where I can draw inside and outside (in the sun).

C: What does a boring day in your working life look like?

HMN: A day filled with emails and accounting.

C: Why are you anonymous?

HMN: I look like crap in the morning.

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