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I was looking at my friends list on Facebook one day and it suddenly struck me that I know so many absolutely awesome women with rather special jobs. Jobs that are not just about pulling home a paycheck. No, these women work with passion. They have a mission. And that – to me – is interesting. I hope you will find it interesting too.

My guest today is Lone Rasmussen.

C: What is your job?

L: That is a good question. I have reached the conclusion that my job is to create a framework in which women can blossom. What happens is, I go off on an adventure and then I experience a bunch of things that I then share with women. In my first book “From Nice Girl to Power Princess” I have a chapter in which I attend an orgasm class. I very accurately describe what the experience is and what I get from it. It looks like that is my strong suit – I go out into the world and try to find the solution to certain problems and then I share it. That is one part of what I do. The other part is that I own “The Karma Club” in Copenhagen and Aarhus – they are dance parties where the concept is that they begin at 8 pm. Again, here I’ve create a space for women – and men – to come and dance, resulting in them feeling better, basically. The name “The Karma Club” does not mean that people sit around meditating whilst eating carrots, no it stands for reciprocation – instead of hanging out at the bar trying to look hot, like people do in normal clubs, I want people to participate – if you smile at someone or ask them to dance, you will be rewarded!

Also, I’ve just finished a new book with my boyfriend, it is called “Let Go of the Candy!” and again, here I’ve done the same thing: I learned how to let go of eating candy and in the book I share my method. So in order to sum up: My job is to do what I like to do in my life. I dance at the Karma Club and through “Power Princess” I share the things I experience and find answers to questions I want answered.

C: Did you always know you wanted to do this when you were growing up?

L: No!  No-no-no-no-no. I thought I was going to be a doctor. I studied medicine and thought that was my path. But then I started teaching erotic dance because  – as usual – I had a problem of my own that I needed to solve, namely how to have the ability to enjoy pleasure. Also, how to feel good about your body and feel good about men! I wanted to know how to have a sexuality that one enjoys instead of the one we are presented with through advertising and pornography. Once I got going with that, I started blogging and was contacted by a publishing house that wanted me to write a book. So basically, everything just happened to me. I’ve been myself and shown it to the world and here I am now. I’ve always searched for how to feel better about myself, but this… I never imagined!

Lone Power Princess

C: What is your formal training?

L: I got halfway through studying medicine and have worked as a hypnotist for 5-6 years. I quit medicine when I discovered hypnosis. I had a teacher, who was a doctor, who used hypnosis in his work and that gave me an epiphany. It turned out that I was amazingly good at it. I can’t cook but I sure can hypnotize! I did that for several years and now it has become part of my tool box – for instance, I am very good at keeping an audience captivated when I do talks. Also, having had the experience of climbing into the minds of so many people during those six years, has taught me that basically, we are all alike.

C: What did people want to be hypnotized for?

L: Ehm, lots of things: weight issues, smoking, jealousy and fear of public speaking.

C: What does an amazing day look like in your working life?

L: I wake up by being kissed under the toes by my boyfriend, then I go work out – I do pilates and run,  then I go home and eat two soft boiled eggs with salt and a piece of rye bread and then I might share some music video on Facebook…

C: Ehm – are we at work now??

L: Yes! This is work! Then I might write a newsletter and then make a nice cup of tea in my thermos mug and drive into the woods where I would wrap myself in a bunch of blankets and lie for about an hour and soak up lots of energy.Then I’d drive out and give a talk to a lot of wonderful women and then I’d go home again. Part of my working life is to make sure that I get the quiet time I need because it fills me up and enables me to have something to give. Exercise connects me to my body and going to the woods connects me to the universe and this enables me to give something to people in my talks.

C: Sexuality, food, body-image, shame, guilt – all these topics are rather taboo to a lot of people – are there any areas that you don’t examine in front of an audience?

L: No, there are no thing of mine, that I won’t share. It really is my experience that everyone is struggling with issues, so no – I really don’t have a filter. Perhaps it is due to my many years of looking into people’s heads when I was a hypnotist, I just think that people are SO alike! We all have issues. I do not share things where other people are involved. If I have a conflict with my boyfriend I don’t share that because, HE did not ask to have his ‘dirty laundry’ shown in public.

C: What does a really boring day look like?

L: There is nothing about my life that I don’t like. Even accounting, I enjoy. I didn’t used to like to do the books but I learned how to through the help of an amazing accountant. If I am low on energy, I can have a bad day. That usually happens if I haven’t done enough juicy things, like dance salsa. Or if I am wrapped up in some negative thought pattern where I can’t see my way out of a conflict or problem. The quality of my days depend more on how I feel than what I do.

C: How much do you earn?

L: Huh? Good question. Ehm… I don’t know. About 20.000 DKK a month? I need to draw out more money for myself instead of keeping them in the company and do some more travelling! I own my own business and just ‘reinvest’ all the time, so I guess what I earn depends on how much I pull out…

C: Do you have a mission?

L: I do. It used to be that I wanted ‘to save the women of the world’. I’ve since wised up and realized that I need only to find out how to personally live my best life and then share that knowledge with others, then they can take what they need and leave the rest.

C: Ok. What did you want to ‘save the women of the world’ from?

L: Yes, it is so full-of-myself! To think that I could save any one – what a ridiculous thought! Who says they feel bad? Thinking you have to save the world is the biggest ego-trip, and it is just ridiculous, ha, ha.

C: You job is rather unconventional, so would you say that you compare yourself to anyone and do you have any role models?

L: Well, I don’t know of anyone who does what I do – because I am just living my life. I do have role models, though. Martin Thorborg is immensely inspirering – he contributes to the world! On www.amino.dk  he shares lots of videos about starting your own business. I am such a huge fan of his, that I almost can’t breathe just thinking about him. He shares something of value! I made the Karma Club’s first website one night where I all did was watch his videos because I thought: I want to create this and give it to the world, if anyone wants it.

Also, Oprah Winfrey has made use of television as a media in an awesome way. Her original shows were like “Find the man you love” and “Oklahoma’s best apple pie” and as she grew and developed as a person she also developed her shows. She spent her time making television that helped change people’s awareness and consciousness. I’d love to use the television media like that too – well, I do make videos to introduce people to something NEW! To inspire people like that…

C: You are known as the Power Princess, can you tell me about that name and why you chose it?

L: Actually, it chose me. I bought the domain (www.powerprinsesse.dk) in 2002 right around the time where Spice Girls were really popular. I felt really drawn to their concept of “Girl Power” and the fact that they looked like they had so much fun. They weren’t just sexy objects looking horny; they were girlfriends who had fun with the world. Also, I was very occupied with what it meant to be a woman. For lots of years, I thought it would have been easier to be a boy because I was not at all interested in hair, make-up and everything to do with what one looked like – and those were the girlie-things I had been introduced to. I really struggled to find some role models that were both feminine but also really tough! So, I don’t recall inventing the world “Power Princess”, it just sort of materialized.  To me, the word represents a force that comes from within – the “Power” – it is the same force that makes the world turn and the seasons change and the hairs on our legs grow – it is beautiful, do you see it? There is something larger than me and it is working! Comparing myself to the models in the magazines and thinking “Oh, no, my stomach is bigger than that model’s” – that robs me of my power. So the Power is about self-love and knowing that I am perfect just as I am. Sure, there might be things that need adjustments, but basically, I am perfect as I am. To me, “Princess” equals adventure and FUN. To some it has connotations of “I’ll sit here and wait to be rescued”, but I don’t associate it with that at all. To me, it is about being open to the world and going on adventure. Also, I admire some princess qualities. For instance, in “The Princess on the Pea”, the princess slept on 40 mattresses and yet still felt the pea through all those layers, and the fact that she was so sensitive towards her body’s needs is a lesson many women should take.

C: I never thought of it like that…

L: And there’s Sleeping Beauty, who pricks her hand on a spindle and goes to sleep for 100 years. It happened to me several times that I “pricked myself on a spindle” by having been told things where I “fell asleep” – gave up on myself. When I was in my early 20’s I had a problematic relationship with a boyfriend. We didn’t have sex very often and I really wanted to. So one morning I woke him up by giving him a blowjob because I had read that men were crazy about that – and he replied: “Would you mind stopping that?” And at that moment I pricked myself and fell asleep –froze – on the notion: “I am awful at sex!”

C: Oh no…

L: So it is about getting the wrong impression of yourself – you die a little bit or “fall asleep”. And the way I see it, it is love that wakes up Sleeping Beauty; the love that is in the Prince’s kiss. It doesn’t have to be love from others that awakens us; we can do it by loving ourselves. I have had lots of issues with food and then I started loving myself despite the fact that I was still fat! Allowing oneself to be awakened is also a Princess-quality that many people ought to make their own.

See more about Lone on www.powerprinsesse.dk and www.karmaklubben.dk

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