I just want to issue this warning to all my women friends out there!

I was at the Supermarket, struggling to load my heavy groceries into the back of my car when two men approached me. Both tall, muscular built, olive complexion, wearing very tight white t-shirts and dark jeans. They helped my load the car and when I offered to tip them, they asked me if I could give them a ride – just a few blocks away.  I agreed and they got into the back seat.

As we were driving along, one of them started complimenting me. He climbed up in the front and started talking dirty, saying all kind of things he would like to do to me. Soon he begged me to pull over, so that he could – and I quote “Give you so much pleasure you are going to scream!”.

While this was going on the other guy stole my purse!

I had my purse stolen last Tuesday, Wednesday, twice on Thursday, again on Saturday and will most likely have it stolen again tomorrow.




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