About once a week, I visit our local public pool. It is a great place with a 50 meter long pool for swimming, a warm pool for babies, a big water slide,  various tubs like jacuzzi and a playing pool I suspect is there for toddlers to pee in while their parents smile and laugh as they sit in it too.

After my  swim, I went over to the jacuzzi. As I got in, I became aware that I was the only female in a tub of all males. There were six of them and at the sight of me, their banter increased and they really started acting up. Showing off. One splashed water at the other, one gave me a shy smile and a nod and two of them started a battle of wits, calling each other names while shooting me a glance to see if I heard. I thought they were cute, so I just smiled.

Then another guy came in. I scooted over to make room for him and immediately Mr. Smart Allelic commented, that I needn’t worry, they would make sure he behaved – followed by roaring laughter.

When I had had my fill of hot bubbles and corny male attention, I got out wishing them all a nice weekend. I couldn’t stop smiling.

It is both scary and comforting to know that boys will always be boys.

They were all in their 80’s.


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