Welcome to the seventh in a series of articles entitled: Awesome Women with Awesome Jobs.

I was looking at my friends list on Facebook one day and it suddenly struck me that I know so many absolutely awesome women with rather special jobs. Jobs that are not just about pulling home a paycheck. No, these women work with passion. They have a mission.

That – to me – is interesting. I hope you will find it interesting too.

My guest today is Soleira Green.

C: What is your job?

S: I am the co-founder of the Visionary Network, so I lead courses all around the world, I host tele-classes, I write books, I do speaking engagements, I host events and conferences – I do pretty much anything that is FUN!


C: And did you always know this is what you wanted to do when you grew up?

S: No, far from it. When I was a little kid I thought I wanted to become the president of a big company, so when I moved into my adult life, I started working for Bell Canada, which is a big national organization in Canada and I did a lot of that type of stuff for 14 years, moved myself up into middle management, then left there, went on a bit of a journey, started working for a software company and then eventually left all that to take a leap in life when I moved to the UK…

C: Because you’re originally from Canada?

S: Yes, and I lived in the States for 5 years. But I took a leap, came here, met my husband and next thing you know we owned our own business, the Visionary Network and that’s how I got started.

C: What is your formal education?

S: I have a BA in psychology but I wouldn’t say that any of that has been particularly useful for me. In fact, I am one of those people who think that it is better to get life experience and to be an entrepreneur than actually go to the university and train yourself out of anything visionary and entrepreneurial. By the time people are finished at universities they’re kind of set in a particular mode rather than learning how to think generously, create vividly, to see vision and be able to fulfill all that in the world.

C: Tell us about the Visionary Network.

S: We’re an alliance and affiliation of visionaries around the world, people who just love this world, love the potential of us all, love to fulfill and create vision, just to take the world to the next new thing is what we love to do. We come together in all kinds of ways to make that happen; we create events and we do courses and tele-classes. In January, we’re doing an all-month event called the Global Genius Game, where we have a commitment to unleash the genius of 7 billion people around the planet. People can check it out and join for free at www.thegeniusgame.com.

C: That is quite an ambition…

S: Part of it will be by training people how to unleash their own genius but also showing them how to activate genius in others but also working together in creating the consciousness of the new streaming genius for the whole planet.

C: What is “genius”?

S: Genius for me is not just something you’re born with or something just a few have who come up with amazing new ideas. Genius is in every single person; we all have it within us and in our ability to connect to what I would call the “genius fields” that surround us. It is how we create that dance of marrying our inner genius with the genius fields. If you take DaVinci, Einstein, Michael Jackson or anybody who was a genius in their own right, I believe they actually connected with the field of genius and brought the genius on through. It is a learned skill; it is not just something you’re born with. Something probably happened in the lives of those people that left them connected therefore they had the access to genius where as most people in the average world have disconnected and therefore couldn’t stream their genius through. It’s all there, it’s for everybody and we can all do it, so part of our job is to bring the quirky playfulness to it. Like you’ve done with this Cindafuckingrella blog, I love it, that is genius to me and it is unique to you.

C: What does a really awesome day look like in your work life?

S: It depends on whether I am home or out training, so if I am home (I work from home) I would probably lead a tele-class or two, as well as do anywhere from one to three coaching-sessions and that would cover people in at least 8-9 countries, in Australia, Europe, US, Canada –plus creating whatever is next and new for us to play with. I love creating new websites, events, concepts, online learning programs, creating new consciousness…

C: “Creating new consciousness” – what is that?

S: Consciousness streams in the air around us, it shapes our beliefs, our energy and the possibilities of us – for me, it is a thriving, living space; that is how we exist and how we breathe potential; we bring in possibilities and access genius. It sits in consciousness around us like an energy field and is like a living presence of possibilities and it is about learning how to have a relationship with it, learning how to bring these possibilities on through and about realizing these into real life.

S: I just got back from two and a half week of training in Australia, got off the plane with no jet lag at all and went straight out for a great breakfast with 8 friends, slept for 13 hours and did a “Wild Organic Abundance” lunch to introduce our work. Then we did a three-day course and also went away for 3 days with 9 people to stay at a house by the ocean where we were working with the solar eclipse…

C: “You were working with the solar eclipse” – what does that mean?

S: Well, when there is any kind of planetary alignment, it’s like there is added energy and extra possibility in the air and you can actually get a lot more movement done in terms of what you want to create on those days, so when we do the consciousness and energy-work together at those times, it is accelerated.

C: Is there a system of belief underneath these things that you do?

S: We’re really about the constant evolution of belief, so even if I gave you a system of belief, it would probably change tomorrow- ha, ha, ha. If there is a belief, it would go like this: We are all part of the fabric of life everywhere and we are all interconnected. If we shut ourselves off from that, we become isolated beings. But when you are living connected, you are part of a vital life, a life that wants to grow, to fulfill itself, to become its next new possibility. What we work with is the understanding of that relationship; how to bring that potential into the world.

C: So what does a really boring day look like in your work life?

S: Hmm, that is a good question. It probably wouldn’t look any different than any other days. It might be a day in which I am not creating something new. The days when I am the most excited and most energetic are the days when I am creating something new. Like right now, I am creating a new website and a 30-day event called the Genius Game. THAT excites me!

C: What are the perks of your job?

S: I get to meet the most fabulous people all around the world, I get to travel and have fun with brilliant, amazing people. The people I know are absolutely spectacular. In my network people are always going “No, no, I’ll pay for that” “I’ll pay for this meal” or “Let me take you to the movies” – the people I know are so incredibly generous – I’m just stunned by their friendship, their generosity and their courage and I guess that is one of the biggest perks of my job!

C: How much do you earn?

S: About 40.000 pounds a year. It is not a huge amount but our business has the potential to be enormous, so right now it keeps me and my husband in an abundant lifestyle, it pays the bills and leaves room for whatever extra things we want to do; we live very well on that, actually. But the company has the potential to go really big, which is what I want. I believe that our approach to things opens people up to their own genius, their own brilliance and their own unique contribution to the planet and gives them a playground to play with like-minded others. My intention is that we will grow phenomenally in the next 5-10 years. One of my dreams is to teach courses to 200 plus people, and host global tele-summits with thousands and thousands of people.

C: Do you have a mission?

S: Yes, but it changes all the time. For the next 30-60 days it is to unleash streaming genius to 7 billion people but my larger mission is to source the human race into infinite possibilities into a super-race of beings; to create cosmic life, in other words; I think we’re really about to open ourselves up to life throughout the cosmos – I’m not talking about spaceship kind-of-stuff but we’ve really been expanding our knowledge about the cosmos in leaps and bounds since 1996 when the Hubble telescope went up, so we’re really beginning to understand life at a level that we haven’t seen before. I think that is going to lead us to some wonderful cosmic explorations and cosmic creations, which I am really excited about. Once we see that we’re not just tiny little people on a tiny little planet and start to see our connection to all of life everywhere, I think that will dramatically change how we perceive ourselves.

C: Who else is good at doing what you do? Who are your role models?

S: I was asked that a while ago and I said “me!” hahaha… No, well, there are people in our network: I would look at this and say that person and this and say this person… There are people outside our network who do inspire me but our expertise is sourcing the new, and that really excites me.

C: If you were advice anyone who wanted to do what you do, what would you tell them?

S: Don’t be afraid. Take the leap! Be courageous! Do the things you love and follow your passions. Don’t stick to something you don’t love; it is a waste of time, energy and life! It is about taking the leap and going for it with great gusto!

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